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Business Continuity

You need to stay operational to stay profitable. That’s where Business Continuity comes in.

Business continuity emerged with the rise in cyber threat attacks that cripple businesses or permanently destroy IT systems and infrastructures. Disaster recover planning has become a necessity.  According to the IDC, on average, an infrastructure failure can cost a small company $8,000.00/hr. A mid-sized company $74,000.00/hr and larger enterprises $700,000.00 or more.  Because of this, a Business Continuity plan is essential to any business who values their data.

By listening to your business needs, in the cloud IT recommends a plan that can minimize downtime throughout your organization. We document and outline how your business will continue to operate during an unplanned disruption in service.

Through a comprehensive custom backup and disaster recovery solution that fit not only your business needs, but also your budget, we add another layer of protection to your business that helps you concentrate on what your business does best.

Why Us?

  • Custom backup solutions that fit your business.
  • Disaster Recovery devices.
  • Safe guards in place to prevent an attack on your network**
  • Near-instant business continuity if your server failed.
  • Your data and server image get stored offsite at a secure data facility, and replicated to ensure your backup has a backup!
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