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Cloud Services

Access from any device, anywhere.

Cloud Services are the new frontier in the technology world. They allow companies the ability to streamline their operations and provide employees increased flexibility all the while saving on hardware costs over time. Is your business ready to move to the Cloud?

in the cloud IT’s experts can analyze the applications you use, review your environment, and harden your network security to ensure that the cloud strategy we implement works. Our cloud solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. They provide the solutions your business demands. in the cloud IT takes the complexity out of Cloud Services so your staff, can access what they want when they need it. Between Cloud backups, Cloud applications, Cloud servers, cloud phone services and Cloud Security, we have you covered. Cloud is in our name after all.

Whether you are in the market to make the jump to the cloud, or just want to know what is out there in terms of upgrading to the cloud, in the cloud IT can assess your cloud readiness and propose a migration plan that works for your specific business.

Why Us?

  • Cloud services deliver substantial IT savings with the elimination of onsite servers, data backup systems, and/or hardware upgrades.
  • Your data is accessible across multiple devices such as tablets, smart phones or any device with compatible hardware and a compatible browser.
  • Cloud security technology ensures your data is safe and compliant with your industry-specific regulations.
  • Your data is stored on secure remote servers and replicated to multiple locations providing 24/7/365 access.
  • The best part is that minimal staff training needed!
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